softening strengthening vitalising conditioner

softening strengthening vitalising conditioner

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L'arin - softening strengthening vitalising conditioner

This hydrating conditioner from L'ARIN is designed to deliver a maximum boost of moisture to dull, dry and damaged hair. Hair looks stronger, feels healthier, smoother and shinier.

This rich and creamy, high-performing formula is infused with sage, rosemary and - the sacred herb - palmarosa - that add hydration to every strand of hair. In addition, this mix renews and strengthens the hair strands so that they break down less. The conditioner also stimulates the pigmentation of the hair so that the color becomes more intense.

Cruelty free - Sulphate free - Without parabens - Phthalate free - Suitable for all hair types

Why it’s good for your hair.

  • Lavender is anti-bacterial, has a calming effect on the scalp and promotes hair growth.
  • Olive oil is a natural balm. It deeply nourishes skin and hair thanks to vitamins A and E, which protect the keratin and maintain moisture balance. Also rich in antioxidants, olive oil adds shine and softness to the hair and skin.
  • The shea tree is also called the "tree of life" because of its many healing properties. It prevents hair breakdown, moisturizes and soothes an irritated scalp. It is rich in vitamins E and A, provides a dazzling shine and fights frizz. In addition, it is antibacterial, moisturizing, works for both dry and oily skin, and protects against UV rays.
  • D-Panthenol is a nutrient from the B vitamin family. Its moisture-regulating properties help increase elasticity and moisture content. This gives the hair strands a healthy, natural and radiant shine.
  • Rosemary stimulates blood circulation and prevents hair loss. It makes hair healthier and fuller. It helps reduce dandruff and stimulates hair growth.
  • Amla oil is rich in Vitamin C and natural antioxidants called flavonoids and polyphenols. It strengthens and nourishes the follicles up to the roots. In addition, amla oil stimulates hair growth, reduces dandruff and prevents gray hair.

How to use.

The conditioner is suitable for daily use and all hair types. Apply to damp, washed hair and massage gently. Rinse hair gently and repeat if necessary.


Aqua, Lavendel Hydrolaat, Olijfolie, Beurre de karité, Cethylalcohol, D-Panthenol, EO-rozemarijn, Amla Olie, Biokons Propanediol, Phenethyl, Undecyl Alcohol Tocopherol, Kurquat: Behentrimonium Chloride (BTMC)

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