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The new Belgian label Maiwe has put all the good qualities of wild rosehip into a natural skin care line. Maiwe embraces clean and natural skincare principles, botanical ingredients, and female entrepreneurship. 

Maiwe believes in a minimalist skincare routine: protect and nourish your skin completely with only the essentials. The products are suitable for all skin types, but specifically focus on aging skin that needs extra hydration and has occasional breakouts.

Care of Gerd

The founders Anna Lena Wiklund-Rippert and Johan Wiklund grew up in Jokkmokk, a town just above the arctic circle. It was a small step to later choose Jokkmokk as the basis for their common dream: organic beauty & skincare.

c/o Gerd opts for natural beauty! The collection stands for organic natural care from one of Europe's last pieces of untouched nature: Swedish Lapland.

c/o Gerd uses certified natural ingredients for the luxurious range. Think organic vegetable oils containing essential fatty acids that benefit the skin and the highest quality organic essential oils.

Three arctic berries play the leading role in the range: bBlueberry, cloudberry, lingonberry. Due to the 24 hours of summer sun at the arctic circle, these local berries contain a maximum of vitamins and minerals. The berries are rich sources of natural tocopherol (vitamin E) and natural antioxidants.

The cold-pressed oils are a blessing for the skin and let your skin breathe. Due to their balanced and careful composition, the oils are easily absorbed by the skin and can also be used perfectly for the care of the face. They provide suitable protection without burdening the skin.

c/o Gerd never uses parabens, mineral oils and harmful synthetic substances. The products have not been tested on animals and the entire collection is suitable for vegetarians.



Although Odylique is one of the European market leaders in certified organic skin care, it still unfairly remains under the radar of skincare addicts.

The family business of Margaret, Colin and daughter Abi Weeds was officially founded in 2003, but the products have a much longer history!

With a passion for natural medicine, Margaret started developing natural cosmetics in the 1980s after studying aromatherapy and herbal medicine. The lack of suitable products for her sensitive eczema skin and that of her family motivated her to create efficient formulas based solely on organic plants, vegetable oils and active natural ingredients, suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

The unique handmade products are made in small quantities to ensure maximum freshness. Odylique also uses biologically active plant extracts and first cold pressed vegetable oils. Odylique attaches great importance to the quality of the ingredients. No compromises are made here!

Because the active ingredients and natural antioxidants of "raw ingredients" are still completely intact, they (in contrast to the commonly used refined variants) still contain all natural, active properties and thus nourish the skin.

Odylique goes further than just natural skin care, they take into account the problems of problem skin, such as eczema and allergy-prone skin by not using potential allergens and using ethanol or ethyl alcohol as a preservative.

All products were tested on human volunteers but never on animals. The entire collection is suitable for vegetarians and most products also for vegans. The products suitable for vegans do not contain beeswax or propolis.

Odylique supports fairtrade, natural farming methods and is actively committed to the environment. The brand is committed to locally made, safely recyclable and non-toxic packaging materials. Old milk bottles are currently being recycled into usable bottles and jars.



Evolve is a natural skincare brand that handcrafts small amounts of skincare in their artisan studio in Hertfordshire, England. This way you can assume that every bottle is very fresh when you open it.

With over thirty years of experience, Evolve chooses the power of plants over synthetic alternatives found in mass-produced cosmetics and facial care. So the products not only look beautiful, but are also with active natural ingredients, such as coconut peptides, hyaluronic acid and retinol from rose hips.

Just as Evolve cares about your skin, the brand also cares about the world. Recyclable glass and packaging are used, the bottles are made of 75% recycled plastic and are recyclable. All ingredients are also 100% vegan and 100% cruelty-free. The organic ingredients come from as close to skin as possible and from fair and sustainable sources.

With Evolve your skincare routine becomes a true voyage of discovery through the wonderful scents and textures of natural ingredients.

Metis Supplements

Nutrients from real, unprocessed foods are best absorbed. But let's be honest: nowadays it is not always feasible to get the optimal amounts every day through our food alone. We have a busy life.

Experienced pharmacist Dirk Christiaen knows this and in 2014 developed supporting nutritional supplements especially for his studying children that they could take during exams. The supplements turned out to be particularly successful. The students in the house indicated that they noticed positive effects, their exam results proved in black and white that it was not just any feeling.

Flash forward to 2020, you too can enjoy the high-dose Metis Supplements.

You can expect the good stuff from Metis Supplements: the ingredients have the highest degree of active substances. No compromises: only more of the ingredients that matter, without superfluous fillers, dyes, ...

However, more in your capsule doesn't mean more in your toilet. Metis Supplements ensures that what goes in your capsules also ends up in your body. This is due to natural ingredients in the best absorbable form.